God's Healing


“It is my first time coming for this ministry. I was actually invited by the daughter of Nellie Shani. Wow! I thank God I came. The last few months have been really tough. My husband and I lost our daughter who came premature. We have had a lot of questions about why she had to suffer that much.

We had an incident where we saw miracles happening, like including, and you may think I am kidding, but she actually died and came back without any medical intervention. When that happened I was really sure that she was going to live, but three days later God decided to take her home. I think He planned it to let me hold her and for us to be there as we released her to go back to her maker.

It has been a tough journey as I tried to put all the dots together, and now coming here I realized that some of these things could actually be a curse from generations back. I was healthy, I did everything that was right, and you start wondering where did we go wrong. Now I have realized that it is not our sin and it is not our guilt.

We should not carry guilt for the death of our daughter. What we have done in this seminar today has restored us and set us trying again, and blessing even our womb and our children and our children’s children. Our children starting from us will not carry any curse. So I thank God because I am feeling free.

My healing process is ongoing and I thank God that this was part of it. God bless Nellie and her ministry. May more people get to know about this because there is a lot of ignorance. God’s people suffer for lack of knowledge but may this knowledge be spread to the ends of the earth.”



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