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Many Christians live a life of defeat, harassed and bombarded by their archenemy, Satan. They have not yet fully grasped that when Jesus Christ died on the cross, he completely and utterly defeated Satan!

He took back the authority Satan used to deceive Adam and Eve, handing it to the Church. However, our strength is of no use if we don’t know we possess it! This is the tragedy of our Lack of Knowledge.

  Many Christians today are living a life of constant struggle and failure no matter what they do to try and improve their lot in life.

They are fighting something they do not understand. This book explores these invisible barriers and how to break them by the Power of the Cross.

  Battling for Our Marriages. Behind every broken marriage is a fierce battle that was lost in the spiritual realm. Many people do not realize that from the moment that they say, "I do" a raging battle starts whose sole objective is the break-up of the marriage.

The Bible warns us that our enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. We are told not to be a passive onlooker but to "Resist him…" Thus battling for our marriage is not an option but a command.

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How To Identify and Break. Them The Bible tells us, about the relationship between David and Jonathan, that their hearts were knit together - They had a "soul-tie".

God designed for us to have healthy soul-ties, for example between husbands and wives, and between children and their parents. Satan is however able to corrupt relationships so that we end up with ungodly soul-ties.

These soul-ties can affect our lives negatively so that we are captives and unable to walk away from the influence of certain relationships Find out how these unwanted ties are formed and how to break them.
  God designed that every womb He has created be fruitful. Why then do we have people who cannot have children?

This book answers this question and shares the experiences of women who were not able to conceive or carry babies to full term, but today are mothers by the grace of God.

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