Congo mission was a fulfilled prophecy

BBI mission to Congo was a resounding success. Glory to God.


A six member team, led by Pastor Nellie left Nairobi, Kenya  on July 2 2022 to DRC Congo’s Kinshasa city for ministry till July 8 2022.


Pst. Nellie preaching through a Lingala interpreter at the Cathedral during the BBI mission to DRC Congo


Pastor Nellie said the Congo Mission was “born in the heart of God” and had been revealed to BBI through a prophetic message four years ago, on March 9 2018,  when BBI visited Uvira in the Eastern part of the country.


She said the Lord spoke through an old prophet who prophesied during a prayer session with a group of pastors.


Tell them I have given them water which they must give to the people. This water is coming from the rock and I AM THE ROCK. This work is a covenant I have made with you, do not break the covenant.


I saw soldiers and they were going to war and there were people behind them with prayers! Soldiers cannot go to out without prayers. When you come back you will go to different places.


You will come back and remove people who are in pits, people who are bound and are in bondage. Take your swords and cut people free who have been bound.


You will go far. You will cross a river and a long road. You will go to different churches. I am not a God of denominations but I am a God of the Church.


I myself will provide the tickets for the travel. I will take responsibility and open doors for you to get the money for your travel. I will work on your behalf so that you can do my work.


You have not yet reached Congo. This is just a taste. You will come back. There is a lot that God has planned ahead of you but you will go through a lot of battle, just like the disciplines of old…”


Four years later


This prophecy, according to the CEO, has been fulfilled four years later.


“We arrived in Congo confident that we were in the will of God,” she said.


Click the link below to watch Pastor Nellie teaching on Invisible Barriers during the Congo mission.


Pastor Nellie taught on Invisible Barriers on the first day after being received by the bishop of the protestant churches in Congo, Bishop Idore Nyamuke.


The bishop speaks at the Cathedral the first Sunday on every month but this time he gave the opportunity to BBI.


We were also received by pastor Ubert Miyimi who heads the biggest Christian TV and Radio stations in Congo called Sango Malamu.


Through this connection the Lord provided an opportunity for all teachings to be broadcast live, both on Radio and TV.


Healed instantly


Ministers lead intercessory prayers for families at the Cathedral during the Congo mission in July 2022.


We estimated that there were at least 2000 people in attendance at the first meeting. 45 people gave their lives to Christ.


Pastors and Evangelists from different churches were taught in the next four days during the 9am-5pm meetings.


The topics taught were: Breaking Invisible Barriers, Breaking Financial Curses, Battling for our Marriages, Maintaining your Deliverance.


Pastor Nellie prayed for the sick on the last day of the meetings.


On day three we were invited to teach during an evening service at a church of 90 per cent  young people. It was filled to capacity. Pastors Thomas Tsimba and Caleb Mabila hosted us.


Members of Commuate Evangelique des Vainqueurs (CEV) church follow a teaching at the evening service were BBI was invited to minister during the Congo mission.


Pastor Nellie taught on Breaking Invisible Barriers in Families.


On the evening of day five we were invited to the bishop’s home and took his wife and sister-in-law through deliverance.


She was healed instantly and started walking and jumping. She had been bed-ridden and had not been in church for two years!


All the teaching were well received and we give God the glory.


Four lessons from Congo


Lesson 1:The church is God’s body and it is the door that God wants to use for His servants to reach the lost.


Lesson 2: Missions organised through the church have a  wider reach than missions organised through individual ministries. There is a structure that is already set in place.


People can be discipled by the church after we leave.


Lesson 3: BBI does not have to wait to be invited to missions.


“When God shows us a need, we should trust that He will raise the money needed (We had heard from God yet I waited four years for us to be invited to Congo),” Pastor Nellie said.


BBI CEO and founder Pst Nellie is interviewed by Sango Malamu Tv crew through her Lingala interpreter


Once we took the step, God divinely connected us to the personal assistant to Bishop Nyamuke, who is highly respected and has influence in church in all the provinces of Congo


“We need to heed the call of Jesus in Mathew 28:19 to “Therefore go and make disciples  of all nations…” she said.


If we look to God He is more than able to provide money for His work, done His way, for His glory.


Lesson 4: We must fast and pray before and during missions. The outcome was a massive harvest.


The CEO thanks everyone who gave financially, prayed and fasted.


She thanked BBI Vice Chairman, Rodgers Odima, who God used to connect us with the Bishop’s assistant Mama Mado and those who went on the mission.


BBI team members were Gathoni Kuria, Pastor George Maina, Pastor Roy Agoya, Eric Mutuma and Rodgers Odima.


God is not unjust to forget your work and labour of love which you have shown towards His name, in that you have ministered to the saints, and do minister.” Hebrews 6:10.


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