Keeping our inner man clean

CHILDREN are an important part of our society and BBI focuses on ministering to children from pre-natal to young adults.


Over the years we have ministered to children in schools, called special meetings for children and Pastor Nellie has done numerous teachings on Deliverance for Children which are available on line.


We have lots of resources available for parents, guardians, teachers and heads of small groups dealing with children and young adults.


BBI is available for ministry in schools and institutions of  learning.


Learning institutions


The teachings help the children to understand the importance of “keeping our inner man clean and safe from harbouring evil.”


This teaching can influence the policies in learning institutions on what to allow in the environments at all times.


Children learn the value of  keeping a safe distance from anything that would bring defilement and how to walk in victory and to conquer in all areas of their lives.


The teaching is deeply anchored in the word of God.


BBI also has partners to extend ministry to children isolated from their families and deprived of parental care and who live on the streets.

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