Kenya Elections 2022 : Intercessors unite to pray nation out of 5-year spiritual cycle

A THIRD instalment of BBI’s Hurt-to-Heart Zoom conference on Kenya Elections: A Believer’s Responsibility ended with participants signing up as intercessors for the nation  to pray the country out of the 5 year spiritual election spiral.


The talks  began before the August 2022 elections, continued through the pendency of the SCOK presidential petition and  closed on September 7 2022 after the judgement with a rallying call to “serious and committed intercessors that will pray for the nation political spiritual atmosphere for the next five years to break the traditional election cycle.”


Rene Kiamba,  President of the International Christian Chamber of Commerce in Kenya, was the key speaker. He is also a founder member of Kenya House of Prayer, a mentor and Life Coach.


He said there are supernatural powers that hinder nations, including Kenya , from rising to enter into God’s purposes.


Kiamba said God has a position, a will and a desire for the nations and it is important to “listen to what He is saying.”


He said God’s purposes do not end by the time elections are over “but He rules beyond the 5 year cycle.”


Characterized by fear


“The 5-year election cycle has become a trap even for believers” Kiamba said. “We fall to propaganda and even ignore what the father desires for the nation.


He said the believers’ responsibility goes beyond the 5-year election cycle to support the purposes God for their country, allowing His will to prevail.


Kiamba said the 5-year political trap is characterised by fear, trepidation and prayers that soon fade away after the elections are over. He said anxiety makes the people of God  to miss God’s plan for the nation.


“He wants the nations to glorify him not to frustrate His agenda,” he said.


The believers’ responsibility, the speaker said is to bring nations out of political captivity.


Kiamba said God is looking up for the believer to drive His agenda. “Believers must arise and do what God wants them to do,” he said.


The speaker said the Great Commission was first for individual purposes and secondly for the nations.


He said like the situation is Ezekiel 19:1-9, believers “have caged the lion” through disobedience and surrendered to ruling spirits that release toxic content, including the 5 year spiral over the nation.


“God is waiting for His people to lead His people back to him,” he said.


He is waiting for us to repair the foundation of this nation, Kiamba explained.


Kiamba challenged believers saying “ if we fail to arise, God will waste us and a new generation that is willing to arise to the occasion will be raised.”

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