Every woman deserves a second chance

GOD connected BBI with Clean Start when the CEO  partnered with Teresia Njoroge in prison ministry and together the two groups ministered at Thika Women’s Prison, later at Lang’ata Women’s prison taking the word and dignity packs to the imprisoned women at the correctional facilities.


Pastor Nellie and Teresa  have continued to be in touch since then. They first met in 2015 when she invited Pastor Nellie as a speaker to the very first conference that Clean Start ministry held for all Kenya Prisons chaplains.


Pastor Nellie was among the first believers in the vision of  Clean Start of “giving second chances to people who were coming out of prisons and also taking the word of God to console those in prison as well as building capacity among the pastors and chaplains who minister in prisons.”


The prison ministry has bridged the gap between prisons and the community by ensuring that the gaping trench in between is avoided through putting the formerly imprisoned woman at the core of  the strategic framework program  design, development and implementation with progressive touch points with her children family and community.


In the last five years, with friends and partners outreach programs in and out of prison have impacted 2000 women by providing them with dignity packs and attitudinal and behaviour change training.


Plight of women


Teresia, in 2009, was wrongfully arrested, maliciously prosecuted and falsely convicted. She served one year at Langa’ta Women’s maximum security prison, the largest women correctional facility in Kenya.


“My first hand experience of prison, the desperate plight of women and girls I met behind bars inspired me to devote my life to the equipping of the women for the precious journey of re-integration into society,” she told Breaking Barriers 10th Anniversary Edition magazine during an interview.


She registered Clean Start in 2015 to provide employment. training, psychosocial support, entrepreneurship and vocational training enabling women to find sustainable livelihoods post-release.

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