Nairobi street families abandon crime

Street Children Abandon Crime

BBI, The Well Church and Love in Deed(LID) have cast the evangelism net wide bringing in street families and abandoned children to the cherished family of God.


On May 21 2022  sixteen street families who had been eking a living , majorly from crime on the harsh streets of one of Nairobi’s neighbourhoods, Eastleigh estate, gave their lives to Christ.


“Today I chose to follow Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, my friends who are brothers and sisters to me on these streets have done the same thing as I have, we pray that God may help us to know a new life and  to  achieve our dreams of becoming better people in society,” Sylvester Maguna ,17, said while speaking on behalf of the new converts.


BBI was invited to participate in sharing the gospel during the Love-in-Action program by LID in which more that 78 homeless people were ministered to.

Gospel with the homeless


The homeless people were fed and received donations of clothes, shoes, and care packs for the girls.


New converts accepted the Lord as Saviour after a 30 minute sermon by Pastor Elvis Muchoki, who also lived off the same streets of Nairobi as a gang member for 25 years before meeting Jesus.

Street Children Abandon Crime
Pastor Muchoki of the Well Church shares a word of inspiration with one of the new converts.


“I have message of redemption, there is nothing that God cannot do, He created us in His own image and we have to come back to Him through Christ to reflect that image,” he said, drawing his teaching from Genesis 1:27


“ So God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God  he created: male and female, He created them.” (NIV).


The program is designed to share the gospel with the homeless, quickening them to their purpose, supporting their dreams  and empowering them.


It also seeks to rebuild broken relationships by re-uniting them with their families so that they can all live productively in the society.


“We thank God that one of them was reunited with her family two days after the event,” Drussila Ouma, the LID communications Officer said.

Planting a Seed


LID invited the street familes to Deliverance Church in Eastleigh , Nairobi.


“We hold this program every third Saturday of the month and invite them to church.


Besides  holding Bible Study sessions, they also get a chance to take a bath, shave, take meals and get a change of clothes and sanitary towels which are donated by well wishers,” Ouma said.


Street Children Abandon Crime
Pastor Elvis Muchoki leads new converts to Christ when BBI teamed with LID to minister to street families in Nairobi, Kenya.


Ministry to street families


LID has undertaken to trace the new believers from their “bases” and partner with the BBI and the Well Church for baptism and discipleship.


“There are still many more people to be reached out to with the gospel who need love, hope and a helping hand, a significant number of whom need to be led to salvation and deliverance,” said Roy Agoya of BBI.


LID thanked BBI for love gifts, participation and planting a seed.


“Your generosity means a lot to us and the people we serve,” Ouma said.


Pastor Muchoki said he found himself on the streets after his parents separated and the father married another woman who mistreated him.


He is now born again and leads ministry to street families and prisoners.


He says his passion is to see those in prison for various offences come to the knowledge of God through salvation. “I have a passion for the street people and prisoners because I understand their suffering, he said.


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