About Us

The birth of a Ministry

A 20-year journey in the school of the Holy Spirit gave birth to the BBI Ministry. In the area of deliverance the first thing that the Holy Spirit taught the founder, pastor Nellie Shani, was about Generational curses and how the sins of the forefathers could still affect us today.

“I was left with no option as I could see patterns of failure not only in my family line but also in the family lines of Christians around me, “ she says.

For twenty years as she moved with her family from Kenya to Zambia, to Mauritania, to Senegal, to the US and then to the UK, Pastor Nellie went through much training in spiritual warfare and Deliverance. She started receiving invitations to teach at workshops and conferences.

Our Team

Since then the founder has been involved in teaching around the world. The first meeting before BBI was formally registered took place at her residence, but later as the numbers grew “we looked for a hall we could hire.”

The first of these meetings took place in October 2011 at Home Care Spiritual Fellowship Centre. “We had no name, we were just a group of people who wanted to see the children of God free,” says pastor Nellie.

After a few meetings one day a man walked up to the founder and asked whether it was registered. He said he was a lawyer and would help with the registration.

Pastor Nellie  sat down and asked the Holy spirit to give the vison, mission and objectives. Ten days later we had an executive committee and a registered ministry called BBI in 2012.

God has given the founder and CEO a great team to work with who have shared the vision that God revealed and used their spiritual gifts to bring BBI to where it is now. The leaders of the various ministries have put their hand to the plough and have not looked back.

There are also volunteers who have given their time not because they are looking for pay but because they believe  in the ministry and have witnessed testimonies.

BBI also has partners who have given of their financial resources to make sure that the ministry continues to accomplish God’s vision.


Every believer in the Lord Jesus Christ is set free
from the invisible barriers that prevent them
from fulfilling their purpose and
achieving their potential


Breaking Barriers International (BBI) is a Christian
organization inspired by the Holy Spirit to equip
believers in Jesus Christ to live victoriously and fulfill
their purpose in the world.


1. To teach Biblical truths concerning spiritual warfare and deliverance.
2. To help believers in Jesus Christ, identify and break generational curses.
3. To enable believers in Jesus Christ, know how to sustain their deliverance.
4. To counsel believers in Jesus Christ who may need specialized help beyond the teaching and prayer seminars.
5. To identify and train workers in spiritual warfare and deliverance ministry.

 Not a word failed of any good thing which the
Lord had spoken to the house of Israel.
All came to pass.
Joshua 21:45