The idea of starting a training and discipleship department was born out of the realisation that BBI needed to teach and train willing believers in deliverance.

We in BBI believe the scriptures in Mark 16:17 that all believers can cast out spirits and therefore should be enlightened and trained to do this.

We trained our first group of students in 2013. It was a class of only five students. As the classes grew, we added facilitators to assist with any matters that have to do with students so that the teacher could focus on teaching. As the facilitators assist they listen to the teaching again which helps them deepen their understanding of deliverance. We target them to be future teachers.

We are now in Cohort 14 where we have arranged two cohort classes per year. To enrich these classes we discuss up to four case studies per cohort.

On completion of the cohort classes graduands who want to have more opportunity for practical training accompanies a deliverance minister while doing deliverance. Once the student feels ready to pray for others, we commission them to launch out on their own.

We currently have seven alumni doing deliverance on their own.

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