Deliverance breaks invisible barriers

Deliverance breaks invisible barriers

DELIVERANCE helps Christians in identifying and removing the invisible barriers that have blocked many believers today from living fulfilling lives and walking in their purposes. The removal of these invisible barriers that seem to plague many Christians of good standing is what spiritual deliverance is about. These invisible barriers often leave Christians frustrated, confused or […]

Demon oppression-vs-Demon possession

BBI poster announcing a teaching on Demonisation

TO help understand how a Christian can have a demon, we need first to explain the difference between “Demon possession” and “Demon oppression or demonization.” A believer can be oppressed by a demon or be demonized, but cannot be demon possessed. In Mark 5: 1-5, the healing of the demon possessed man of Gerasene the […]

5 people likely to cast witchcraft spells on you

WITCHCRAFT involves invoking evil spirits using spells to harm, manipulate an outcome or a circumstance. Anyone involved in witchcraft is an employee of the devil. In this post, we at a look at five people who are likely to cast spells or use witchcraft on you! Satan hates human beings because they replaced him in […]

Curses touch Christians and non-Christians alike

BBI founder Pastor Nellie ministering in DRC Congo in July 2022. She taught on spiritual deliverance.

Many Christians have been fighting problems that did not originate with them! When you have prayed, fasted and done everything you know how to do right, but no matter what you do, nothing is changing there is a cause as to where the problem is coming from. Are there certain areas in your life that […]

Generational curses betray your roots

THE Church, unfortunately, has rejected knowledge on how generational curses can affect Christians. For rejection of knowledge, God says there is a price to pay. Hosea 4:6 tells us, “my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge: Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law […]