4 things not to ask from God in prayer

4 things not to ask from God in prayer

PASTOR Nellie’s new book, Access the Throne-room of God-Pray with Power and Authority, is an answered prayer probably to thousands of believers who have been frustrated times and again with no visible changes to their tough situations. “We see them frequent miracle services, join prayer lines Sunday after Sunday with no visible changes to their tough […]

Where curses get their strength

CURSES give Satan and his demons the legal right to harass and afflict our lives. We know that evil  spirits are not generally free to attack or inhabit people at will or without a reason. They are like vultures observed flying around a carcass, attracted by the dead and decomposing body of an animal. Mathew […]

Don’t cast out demons from non-believers

AS soon as people heard that Jesus was able to cast out demons, they rushed to Him! He healed the sick and expelled demons, although he was not preoccupied with evil spirits, he did not ignore them either. Apparently evil spirits had been very active in the lives of people, oppressing them but with no […]

3 reasons why God rejects prayer altars

Pastor Nellie poses with her new book on prayer altars

YOU may wonder why an altar you have raised is not speaking or fighting for you. Why is it that your prayer altar is not a gate to heaven? Pastor Nellie’s new book Altars The Gate of Heaven answers the fundamental question why God rejects prayer altars. The book in the Spiritual Warfare Series Volume […]

Expect these 4 during spiritual deliverance

BBI founder Pastor Nellie ministering in DRC Congo in July 2022. She taught on spiritual deliverance.

GENERALLY, deliverance refers to being rescued or freed from a difficult or challenging situation. Specifically, spiritual deliverance is the process of freeing someone from demonic oppression or possession. Spiritual deliverance involves the unseating of the power and control of the kingdom of darkness over someone’s life. It consists of casting out demons or unclean spirits, […]

Overcoming financial curses

NINETY per cent of believers seeking counselling have a financial problem. They struggle and are in lack,  sometimes the problems appear to worsen after prayer. God’s children can suffer financial hindrances that make them doubt if God really does love them and even cause them to wonder if  He wants them to suffer lack for […]

Signs you need deliverance

ARE you struggling with a particular repetitive sin, but just can’t help it? You may not overcome that habit until you tackle it with deliverance! Is it an addiction to formication, masturbation, pornography, drinking, smoking, stealing, lying…and you have tried countless times to stop and put to an end to it but you still end […]

9 reasons why marriage should succeed

CHALLENGES in marriage face both Christian couples and non-Christians alike, but what  will make or break is the foundation upon which it has been built. The difference between a marriage that is built on a “rock” and the one built on “sand” will be known when the “winds” and the “rains” which represent the challenges […]

What to do about the curse

A CURSE is a word uttered by a bitter person because of perceived injustice and has supernatural power to harm a person or a place. Curses can come because of our own sin, sins of our forefathers, sins of a nation or a community. They are only effective if there is guilt. Proverbs 26:2. Like […]

Do Christians need deliverance?

YES, they do! Many Christians may look okay but they need deliverance from “invisible barriers” preventing them from walking in the victory of the Cross. They struggle with evil spirits that never left after salvation! And, if they be sincere with themselves they will tell you that they have constant personal struggles like poverty, sickness, […]