Invisible Barriers

Here’s help: Eliminate this spirit blocking your healing and deliverance

FORGIVENESS is a key weapon in healing and deliverance but often overlooked.   One of

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6 ways demons may attack your child

SATAN having known the primary strategy of God to exert His will on earth through a

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Is the past withholding you from your ‘Promised Land’?

WHAT did your forefathers do before they died?   Could the sins of your forefathers

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How to heal leaking pockets and live abundantly even in tough times

NINETY per cent of Christians who seek counselling have a problem with finances, according to

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Stuck with anger? Deal with this invisible barrier destroying your marriage

WHY are some marriages characterised by strife while others are peaceful? Why do some marriages

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1O reasons why God wants your marriage to succeed

CHALLENGES in marriages come to both Christians and Non-Christians. What will make the difference is

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Street Children Abandon Crime

How to help your teenager spiritually

CHILDREN who feel rejected will do things to prove they are worthy. They are trying

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Teenage Crisis: Is the Devil hiding behind hormones to trap your teen?

A TEENAGER is someone who is between 13 and 19 years of age.   To

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Why Satan attacks children mercilessly

THERE  is a fierce battle for the destinies of all children.   God  values our

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