EI helps us know how to interact

EI helps us know how to interact

BBI’s Hurt-to-Heart zoom conference guest speaker, Winnie Ajema, Life Mentorship skills coach and Mental Health expert, has demystified Emotional Intelligence. She told participants that Emotional Intelligence (EI), is how best we understand our own emotions and feelings to help us manage ourselves and others in our various spaces -at home, in the office and community. […]

Taveta : Breaking altars, silencing the noise

BBI Tala Mission team meeting church leaders for spiritual mapping.

BBI ministered in Taveta two months before the Three Days of Breaking Bondages mission when the Israeli embassy donated 50 mobility carts in the county. Founder member, sister Haika Kodawa  has been working with the diplomatic corps to help the disabled in Taveta where she hails from. During the earlier visit pastor Nellie was honoured to pray […]

BBI new strategy for ministry

Pastor Nellie leads a group deliverance session at BBI office in Nairobi,Kenya

BBI founder and CEO, Pastor Nellie Shani, has shared on changes that are coming to the ministry  including group sessions for both men and women. The CEO said every living organism is dynamic, changes and grows. Pastor Nellie was addressing BBI members and partners in Nairobi, Kenya, when she unveiled the new strategy for the […]

Congo: Prophecy and lessons learnt

Pastor Nellie preaching in Kinshasa DRC Congo in 2022 during BBI mission

A six member team, led by Pastor Nellie left on July 2 2022 to DRC Congo capital city  Kinshasa for ministry upto July 8 2022. According to Pastor Nellie the Congo Mission was “born in the heart of God” and had been revealed to BBI through a prophetic message four years earlier, on March 9 […]

Kajiado : Traditions keep communities bound

BBI mission team. Kajiado pastors got a gift of books.

CULTURAL traditions that keep communities in bondage can be exposed and overcome by the use of the word of God BBI chairman Dan ole Shani says. He said many African cultural traditional practices are passed down as buttons of  bondage through the generations. The chairman was speaking at Glory Tabernacle Church in Inkinye, when he […]

3 limiting beliefs about wealth

GOD’s will is that you should be rich, however wrong beliefs about wealth can easily become stumbling blocks on your road to prosperity. God in His great wisdom has given man the ability to create wealth and has made provisions for his prosperity here on earth. His promises of prosperity were not only given to […]

Why deliverance sometimes ‘fails’

ARE there times when demons refuse to leave and deliverance sometimes seems to fail? Yes, when certain conditions are not met by the seeker or minister. The biblical account of Mathew and Mark in the New Testament  when Jesus’ disciples are unable to cast out a violent spirit that had possessed a boy from his […]

Generation to generation: Don’t pass it on

WHAT has existed in a family blood-line as an invisible barrier can be passed on from generation to generation until it is identified and broken. Since fathers carry the seed of generations, it is  important to consider what was passed on and what we ourselves are  passing on to future generations. A family unit is […]

Totally healed from Asthmatic attacks

Hey Pastor Nellie, I came for the first time for your meeting at Day Star –Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties , I was invited by a friend we fellowship together. Last year November, I had traveled to Sudan for work for 3 weeks and a week later I fell ill and was on medication throughout. I started experiencing difficulty […]