Deliverance at Nairobi Baptist Women’s ministry

Deliverance at Nairobi Baptist Women’s ministry

Pastor Nellie ministers at Nairobi Baptist- Angaza Women's ministry.

ON 10th February 2024, BBI under the leadership of pastor Nellie had the privilege to fellowship with Nairobi Baptist’s Angaza Women’s Ministry. The meeting was very well attended with over a hundred ladies from the Baptist church attending the session from 9.00am-3.45pm and majority stayed to the end. This was unlike recent previous physical meetings […]

Men’s ministry taking the leap

BBI men ministry members

IS it hard for men to live a holy life, submitting to God in ministry, resisting temptation and being the fierce lions they are supposed to be? Many men, especially Christian men struggle alone with guilt and shame, fear, insecurities, burn-outs coming from the burdens associated with areas of captivity in their individual lives where […]

BBI 2024: Bearing much fruit

BBI 2024: Bearing much fruit for national transformation

GOD does not just want to see fruit but much fruit, BBI founder and CEO pastor Nellie has said. She said in the process of bearing this much fruit, there is pruning which involves the removal of everything that may impede the harvest. Pastor Nellie said the theme for 2024 is; Bearing fruit for national […]

BBI 2023 ministry year in review

BBI School of Ministry 2023 graduates

WE thank God for keeping us throughout the year. We thank Him for His faithfulness to us, our families, BBI ministry and the nation of Kenya. We thank God for everything He has enabled us to accomplish this far. We are thanking Him for the gift of the Holy Spirit who has been our Helper, […]

New book on life’s abundance out

Pastor Nellie's new book on Living in abundance

PASTOR Nellie’s new book on living life in abundance is the latest release in the Spiritual Warfare series. Aptly titled Live The Abundant Life it is an easy read spanning 91 pages that are parked with thought provoking Biblical realities  concerning the inherent human need of excelling and prospering in life. Pastor Nellie is the […]

2023 year of harvest, says CEO

BBI founder and CEO pastor Nellie Shani.. She has authored the book on abundance.

ONE way to know that God is at work is that there is much fruit and harvest, BBI founder and CEO pastor Nellie Shani has said. She said that according to the Bible, “a branch that bears fruit is pruned” to be more fruitful and bring more harvest. “God is about bearing fruit. For every […]

BBI elects new board members

BBI founder and CEO Pastor Nellie Shani (R) and School of Ministry director Irene Mbithe.

BBI  Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on February 25 2023 saw new board members elected into office. The elective posts included Vice- Chairman , Secretary and Vice Secretary which went to Maureen Kuyo, Anne Shiyukah and Irene Mbithe respectively. Charity Wanjira retained her post as a nominated member  of the Executive Committee. BBI Chairman Dan […]

Nairobi street families dump crime for Jesus

Pastor Elvis of the Well Church ministering to street families during BBI, LID event in Nairobi.

BBI, The Well Church and Love in Deed(LID) have cast the evangelism net wide bringing in street families and abandoned children to the cherished family of God. In May 2022 sixteen street families who had been eking a living , majorly from crime on the harsh streets of one of Nairobi’s neighbourhoods, Eastleigh estate, gave their lives to […]

EI helps us know how to interact

BBI’s Hurt-to-Heart zoom conference guest speaker, Winnie Ajema, Life Mentorship skills coach and Mental Health expert, has demystified Emotional Intelligence, told participants that Emotional Intelligence (EI), is how best we understand our own emotions and feelings to help us manage ourselves and others in our various spaces -at home, in the office and community. “People […]

Taveta : Breaking altars, silencing the noise

BBI Tala Mission team meeting church leaders for spiritual mapping.

BBI ministered in Taveta two months before the Three Days of Breaking Bondages mission when the Israeli embassy donated 50 mobility carts in the county. Founder member, sister Haika Kodawa  has been working with the diplomatic corps to help the disabled in Taveta where she hails from. During the earlier visit pastor Nellie was honoured to pray […]