Taveta : Breaking altars, silencing the noise

BBI Tala Mission team meeting church leaders for spiritual mapping.

BBI ministered in Taveta two months before the Three Days of Breaking Bondages mission when the Israeli embassy donated 50 mobility carts in the county.

Founder member, sister Haika Kodawa  has been working with the diplomatic corps to help the disabled in Taveta where she hails from.

During the earlier visit pastor Nellie was honoured to pray and commission the donations during a ceremony graced by the Israeli deputy Ambassador, Dvora Yarkoni, then area MP Naomi Shaban and hosted by Deputy County Commissioner, Mr Joseph  Maina.

This great door has led to other doors of ministry opening  in the area, and indeed, BBI was back in Taveta on July 22nd-24th 2022 for teaching and deliverance sessions.

Pastor Isaac Isika and his wife, Patricia, of the Faith Evangelist Free Church (FEFC) hosted BBI.

Spiritual disability

Isika who heads FEFC said the Three Days of Breaking Bondages mission was symbolic of God’s intention to help His people out of “spiritual disability.”

“Last time you came with physical wheel chairs but to me it was symbolic of the deliverance mission you and your team have now come with to move people out of spiritual disability,” Isika commented.

Isika thanked pastor Nellie for the financial support she has offered in planting FEFC ministry in Taveta. The church which is two years old is located next to the new police station.

Pastor Nellie said BBI was joining God in what he had already began to do in Taveta. “Jesus said in John 5:17 and verse 19 that all He did is what He had seen the Father doing…we never start anything, the Father is already working and we are privileged to join Him in what he is doing,” she said.

She prayed that God may “open our eyes to see what He is doing” and that “we may run quickly to join Him.”

Appeasing ancestral spirits

A spiritual mapping of Taveta revealed a community held hostage by ancestral evil altars, witchcraft and the spirit of religion. “These have been holding down people’s destinies in the land for a long time,” Rev. Eric Odipo of Jire Center told participants.

The altars, participants heard, have been used by Satan to fight ministry in the area. It was also revealed that sexual immorality is rampant in the area and pastors have not been spared either.

Participants were told the community is bound with oaths and covenants that were entered into by the ancestors and that some members of the community still appease ancestral spirits to date at shrines.

Hard labour

A common pattern in Taveta is that they suffer from diseases that take long to heal and there are numerous known cases of disability.

“The spirit of death also stalks the community and does not only kill people prematurely but also kills ministry and is responsible for disruption of marriages and families,” pastor Catherine of Good News Church, Kilifi, said.

Participants were told there is a spirit of unfruitfulness where the people “seem not to reap the rewards and benefits of their hard labour.” They work so hard but there are no tangible results to show for it. The region is marked with underdevelopment and poverty, thanks to the strongman of Taveta that has kept the community in perpetual spiritual bondage.

At the family level, participants heard that there exists in-born jealousy, murderous envy, competition and covetousness that has caused disunity  and “brothers and sisters cannot see eye-to-eye.”

A few family members have been purposed to fast and pray to break the patterns of long-standing family feuds and disunity. They have planned to gather family members for reconciliation.

Innocent blood

Taveta has a history of documented human/child sacrifice.

Dr Odipo who was formerly the chairman of Taveta pastors and evangelists forum  told participants that  illegitimate children were killed through the most brutal means- being pound to death in a mortar in the community.

Such children were believed to bring ‘bad luck’ and were eliminated under trees or thrown off on steep mountain cliffs.

Participants heard that there are two physical altars where these brutal murders were carried out.

A group of Christians have since visited these altars and held prayers of repentance for the innocent blood that was shed by the forefathers in the community.

More innocent blood has been shed in Taveta when hundreds of locals were killed at the infamous “Slaughter Hill” now known as Salaita  Hill during a historical political crisis in which Germans carried out an incursion from Tanzania  against the British colonialists in Kenya in 1961. Its proximity to the border of the then German East Africa made it an attractive initial objective for German offensive.

“We are grateful when we get servants of God who have similar revelation and have a burden to empower the people to fight their spiritual battles and achieve  their destinies,” Dr Odipo said.

Legal ground

Pastor Nellie said  God’s will cannot be done if Satan still has a legal ground due to sin that has not been repented, including the injustices that were committed due to politics.

She said one of the goals of the Taveta mission was to equip God’s people to appropriate the power of the cross to break all the altars and curses that have interfered with their destinies and to bring freedom.

“ May God bless those who have come ahead of us because they broke the ground. It is part of God’s divine plan to set people free,” she said.

Dr Jane Awiti said altars have been responsible for frustrating the servants of God and also for “the noise” blocking people from hearing the word of God  so that they may see the problem as it is and deal with it.

The mission coincided with the August 2022 poll campaigns and meetings would e temporarily interrupted as political aspirants and their campaign convoys passed by with blaring speakers mounted atop vehicles.

“The Bible talks of a noise-some pestilence in Psalms 91, this is the noise that needs to be silenced so that the people can see the problem as it is,” she said.

She explained that the noise from the evil altars is a diversion the enemy is using to oppress churches and to make people not focus on the word of God.

Ministers drawn from different churches in Taveta, Kajiado and Kilifi attended the three day  meetings.

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