9 reasons why marriage should succeed

9 reasons why marriage should succeed

CHALLENGES in marriage face both Christian couples and non-Christians alike, but what  will make or break is the foundation upon which it has been built. The difference between a marriage that is built on a “rock” and the one built on “sand” will be known when the “winds” and the “rains” which represent the challenges […]

What to do about the curse

A CURSE is a word uttered by a bitter person because of perceived injustice and has supernatural power to harm a person or a place. Curses can come because of our own sin, sins of our forefathers, sins of a nation or a community. They are only effective if there is guilt. Proverbs 26:2. Like […]

Do Christians need deliverance?

YES, they do! Many Christians may look okay but they need deliverance from “invisible barriers” preventing them from walking in the victory of the Cross. They struggle with evil spirits that never left after salvation! And, if they be sincere with themselves they will tell you that they have constant personal struggles like poverty, sickness, […]

How to maintain your deliverance

ANYONE who goes through deliverance experiences release from Satan’s chains as the burdensome yokes are removed and baggage rolled off the shoulders. You feel light! As the demons leave a new frontier pops open. It is now time, not to relax, but to take the next step to maintain your deliverance-sustain your newfound freedom and […]

Bring these four under self-control

HOW do you react when confronted with an extremely tempting situation? This can be an intense moment of vulnerability and requires you to exercise self-control. You can start today to intentionally choose how to react even in extreme circumstances -intentionally exercising self -control and starting to walk in freedom as you bear the fruit of […]

How do I know am under a curse?

A CURSE create unpleasant contradictions of God’s goodness and can place one in a position where no change is desired, even though you are a Christian! It can make one to doubt if what God promises us in the Bible about living victoriously is actually true. Although a curse will not take you to hell- only […]

Why Satan attacks children

WHY does Satan attack our children so mercilessly seeking to destroy them as early as possible with all manner of attacks right from the womb? By seeking to destroy the “protective walls” around our children as early as possible Satan attempts to thwart God’s primary strategy of exerting His will on earth through godly offspring. […]

Here’s your key to complete deliverance

COULD unforgiveness be blocking your complete deliverance? Are there people who hurt, betrayed or abandoned you but you haven’t forgiven and let go? While forgiveness is one sure way of receiving the miracle of healing and deliverance, unforgiveness will work the opposite. Unforgiveness violates a foundational biblical principle, but often overlooked! When Adam and Eve […]

Breaking curses from Idolatry

GOD’s penalty for the sin of idolatry is that the children of parents found guilty will bear the brunt to the third and fourth generation. He says for this sin, He will send curses as punishment for His children and their children’s children. Deuteronomy 28:15. “However, if you do not obey the LORD your God […]

2023 year of harvest, says CEO

BBI founder and CEO pastor Nellie Shani.. She has authored the book on abundance.

ONE way to know that God is at work is that there is much fruit and harvest, BBI founder and CEO pastor Nellie Shani has said. She said that according to the Bible, “a branch that bears fruit is pruned” to be more fruitful and bring more harvest. “God is about bearing fruit. For every […]