2023 year of harvest, says CEO

BBI founder and CEO pastor Nellie Shani.. She has authored the book on abundance.

ONE way to know that God is at work is that there is much fruit and harvest, BBI founder and CEO pastor Nellie Shani has said.

She said that according to the Bible, “a branch that bears fruit is pruned” to be more fruitful and bring more harvest.

“God is about bearing fruit. For every ministry to bear fruit, it must work with the Holy Spirit to see the power of God,” she said while addressing BBI members on the direction that God was leading the ministry in 2023.

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BBI men's ministry
A section of BBI men’s ministry pose for a group photo at Apex Court in 2023 after group deliverance session.

She said the greatest gift God offers BBI as a ministry is His leading.

“By God’s grace, He still has work for us to do and He is going to give us the strength to do what he wants us to do,” pastor Nellie said.

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BBI 2023 ministry year in review

Pastor Nellie said God is a God of  “times and seasons ” and that 2023 is the harvest time for BBI. “We don’t sow forever, we don’t plant forever, there is also a time for the harvest,” she said.

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She said sowing time requires hard work but it does not last forever, adding that the hard working farmer is usually the first partaker of the fruits of their labour.

Harvest where ministry sowed

Pastor Nellie said 2023 is BBI’s year of harvest where the ministry has been sowing seed. She urged members to focus on what is ahead and “press on forgetting what is behind.”

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“Sometimes past victories prevent us from savouring the victories ahead,” she cautioned. She quoted Proverbs 16:9 which says, we can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.

BBI School of Ministry 2023 graduates
2023 BBI School of ministry graduates pose for a group photo at Apex Court, Nairobi, Kenya.

Pastor Nellie said the 2023 theme will be: Following the Footsteps of the Father.

The CEO explained that BBI would keep its eyes on Jesus as the perfect example of doing ministry and would “have no need to sweat it.”

“Jesus said He would look at the Father to see what He does and that is what He would, He did what he saw the Father doing,” she said.

Pastor Nellie said the blue print for BBI is to “keep eyes on Jesus” and align the ministry’s activities with what He does.

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The harvest is plenty but workers few.
Pastor Nellie in India.

In 2022, the CEO said the ministry ministered deliverance to 40 children out of which 29 who had not been saved gave their lives to Christ.

BBI also ministered to Teenagers in Naivasha and in Rongai at Kara Ol Murai which is a rescue home for child survivors of  sexual abuse.

She said a lot of work has been going on at BBI Apex court office in Nairobi, Kenya among groups of women and currently men.

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Capacity to meet the harvest 

The CEO said BBI will work closely with  pastors and leaders of congregations to support the deliverance ministry in churches.

In 2022, BBI partnered with churches in Tala, Machakos county, Taveta, Kajiado and Ngong. BBI also involved in an international  mission to Congo.

The in-tray already looks full- BBI is to travel for missions to Uganda, South Sudan and Zambia later in the year 2023.

BBI founder and CEO Pastor Nellie Shani (R) and acting secretary Irene Mbithe
BBI founder and CEO Pastor Nellie Shani (R) and the Director of BBI School of Ministry.

The CEO said currently BBI does not have the capacity to meet the needs of people who need deliverance and asked members to pray to God to raise more workers for “the harvest.”

A total of 200 women were taken through deliverance in 2022  since the inception of group sessions.

BBI was also involved in marketplace evangelism and had three sessions at KRA Nairobi, Kenya.

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“We also worked  with Men of Purpose, a ministry that targets men, through the Well Church in Nairobi,” she added.

She said BBI will be working with parents to help them understand the need for deliverance as a transformative ministry that will see their children and young adults go into the marketplace as well rounded individuals.

    January 27, 2024

    Glory be to God Almighty. The harvest is plenty and the labourers few- what an honor it is to be chosen and guided and instructed by Gods divine wisdom to serve in His kingdom.

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