Deliverance at Nairobi Baptist Women’s ministry

Pastor Nellie ministers at Nairobi Baptist- Angaza Women's ministry.

ON 10th February 2024, BBI under the leadership of pastor Nellie had the privilege to fellowship with Nairobi Baptist’s Angaza Women’s Ministry.

The meeting was very well attended with over a hundred ladies from the Baptist church attending the session from 9.00am-3.45pm and majority stayed to the end.

This was unlike recent previous physical meetings that would register 30-70 women in attendance.

“After our last meeting in August, the ladies requested that pastor Nellie be invited back so that we start  the year with prayers,” Maureen Kuyoh who leads the Angaza prayer bulb said.

Angaza Women's ministry
Teacher Maureen

Maureen is also BBI vice-chairperson and a member of the faculty at BBI School of Ministry.

She was instrumental in organising  the Angaza February fellowship.

Need for deliverance

Maureen said the need for deliverance among the women at the Nairobi Baptist Church led to organising the meeting.

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Do Christians need deliverance?

“Following requests from the ladies for another session with Pastor Nellie, I got in touch with her and Gathoni in September 2023 about another meeting at the beginning of 2024.

We agreed that the meeting be held in January 2024. However, due to a churchwide ministry leader’s meeting on the same day, the meeting was postponed to February 2024  ,” she said.

Pastor Nellie delved into the topic; Rebuilding Spiritual Walls in 2024 and why it is critical in the life of the believer.

The focus was on why Christ is the core foundation of rebuilding your spiritual wall.

Angaza Women's ministry session on Feb 10 2024
Participants at the Angaza Women’s ministry meeting.

Pastor Nellie taught on how iniquity and sin break and poke holes in our spiritual walls in addition to trauma.

She also delved into the different facets of generational spiritual mapping.

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Four women got saved

As the Lord would have it, up to 4 women at the meeting responded to and later call and surrendered their lives to Christ.

When the session came to a close, there was a deliverance session led by the Holy Spirit through a prayer of confession and repentance.

“It was a great success and the Lord did amazing things among the women,” teacher Maureen said.

Maureen said what stood out for them was that deliverance was done in a “dignified manner.”

“They said it was far from the physical beatings and public humiliation that has come to be associated with the deliverance ministry,” teacher Maureen explained.

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Women's meeting
Four ladies gave their lives to Christ.

“This encouraged the women a lot to come for the meeting and invite their friends to come and know more about deliverance,” she said.

There were a total of 110 participants Angaza women’s ministry meeting indicating a steady increase from 30 and 70 in the recent past.

May include men in the future

This was the third time BBI was ministering at the fellowship.

Maureen said the message was received well although few were still skeptical, especially, the older generation.

Angaza Women’s ministry is open to all ladies 18 years of age and above.

The ministry’s vision is to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that God has commanded us.

Its mission is to enrich ladies spiritual growth through fellowship, networking, enlightening, mentorship, fun activities as well as witnessing Christ to people.

Angaza Women's ministry
BBI team

ANGAZA is an acronym standing for Affectionate, Nurturing, Giving, Accountable, Zealous, and Authentic.

This is the third time pastor Nellie has ministered at Angaza women’s ministry.

We give God the glory for the four women who gave their lives to Christ and for the deliverance that took place.

“Thank you all for praying for the mission to Nairobi Baptist Women’s ministry (Angaza), the Lord moved mightily to God be glory,” pastor Nellie said.

According to the organisier, the mission has opened more doors for ministry within the church and may include a session for the men in the future.

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    February 12, 2024

    To God be the Glory, may the Lord Bless Pst Nellie and her team for their labour for the Lord.🙏

      Patricia Mwangi
      March 6, 2024

      Teacher Maureen is such a blessing to this congregation; many may not even realise it yet...

      May God bless Pastor Nellie, the team at BBI and the Angaza Women's fellowship.

      The word taught here and the deliverance session held was very impactful.

      I was so blessed to have witnessed this!

      My prayer is that more Churches will be open to this powerful teaching.

      Deliverance changes lives. I can testify of this. The biggest lie from the pit of hell is that since we have Salvation, we do not need to pay attention to generational cycles.

      I love how Pastor Nellie does her teaching step by step purely letting the Bible bring out all the truths as well as how she uses the word of God as the final Authority in every matter and to respond to every question.

      God bless you Pastor Nellie!

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