Season ends, another begins

Season ends, another begins

A SEASON has ended and a new one is starting. In the new season BBI migrates completely to an on-line ministry. “We have seen a need to migrate completely to an online platform. We will resume monthly teachings on Zoom and also conduct all our deliverance sessions on-line,” BBI founder and CEO, pastor Nellie told […]

4 things not to ask from God in prayer

PASTOR Nellie’s new book, Access the Throne-room of God-Pray with Power and Authority, is an answered prayer probably to thousands of believers who have been frustrated times and again with no visible changes to their tough situations. “We see them frequent miracle services, join prayer lines Sunday after Sunday with no visible changes to their tough […]

BBI at Men Awake launch

BBI ministry team led by pastor Nellie was invited at the launch of Men Awake, a ministry seeking to create a safe space for men’s emotional healing and spiritual re-birth. Pastor Nellie was part of a three-bench panel at the PBB Temple in Nairobi on April 6 2024 where the event was hosted. The panelists […]

Q & A with BBI School of Ministry director, Irene Mbithe

BBI founder and CEO Pastor Nellie Shani (R) and School of Ministry director Irene Mbithe.

Q: Please introduce yourself and tell us more about BBI School of Ministry course load, how you have performed..? A: My name is Irene Mbithe, I am in charge of the BBI School of Ministry. I lead the trainers in developing, testing and, rolling out deliverance training. We do all this through the Holy Spirit […]

Dawn of a new season as BBI migrates

BBI founder and CEO pastor Nellie Shani.. She has authored the book on abundance.

THE book of Ecclesiastes tells us there is a time and a season for everything. Ecclesiastes 3:1. To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. BBI founder and CEO pastor Nellie Shani has announced the changes coming to BBI in the new season. She was addressing BBI members […]

Where curses get their strength

CURSES give Satan and his demons the legal right to harass and afflict our lives. We know that evil  spirits are not generally free to attack or inhabit people at will or without a reason. They are like vultures observed flying around a carcass, attracted by the dead and decomposing body of an animal. Mathew […]

CEO on generational barriers

BBI founder and CEO pastor Nellie made a compelling appearance on a popular local radio show during a live broadcast teaching on generational barriers. Listeners tuned in on-line to catch pastor Nellie’s teaching on breaking generational barriers aired live on the Pearl Radio morning show on February 26 2024. The airwaves were  abuzz between 8.00am-10.00am […]

Deliverance at Nairobi Baptist Women’s ministry

Pastor Nellie ministers at Nairobi Baptist- Angaza Women's ministry.

ON 10th February 2024, BBI under the leadership of pastor Nellie had the privilege to fellowship with Nairobi Baptist’s Angaza Women’s Ministry. The meeting was very well attended with over a hundred ladies from the Baptist church attending the session from 9.00am-3.45pm and majority stayed to the end. This was unlike recent previous physical meetings […]

Men’s ministry taking the leap

BBI men ministry members

IS it hard for men to live a holy life, submitting to God in ministry, resisting temptation and being the fierce lions they are supposed to be? Many men, especially Christian men struggle alone with guilt and shame, fear, insecurities, burn-outs coming from the burdens associated with areas of captivity in their individual lives where […]

Don’t cast out demons from non-believers

AS soon as people heard that Jesus was able to cast out demons, they rushed to Him! He healed the sick and expelled demons, although he was not preoccupied with evil spirits, he did not ignore them either. Apparently evil spirits had been very active in the lives of people, oppressing them but with no […]