‘Maintaining Your Deliverance’ book is out

Pastor David Odhuno, Deliverance- Six Steps to a Victorious Christian Living

FOR anyone looking for a refreshing look at their spiritual lives as they usher in 2023, Maintaining Your Deliverance by David Odhuno, is a must read.

The easy-to-read 136-page inspirational book is a powerful resource of information and a guide explaining the ways in which one can stay victorious after release from spiritual bondage.

The author who is an Agricultural Engineer-turned pastor, gives six points that can cause one to experience that victory: the power of the word; prayer, study of deliverance, caution about satanic strongholds, the mind as a battle field; and forgiveness as a weapon.

Maintaining your Deliverance author Pastor David Odhuno.
Pastor David Odhuno

Pastor Odhuno is an alumnus of Lenana School, Egerton University, A & M University in Texas, United States, and PAC University in Nairobi where he graduated with a Masters degree.

He has served with The Navigators International in Africa for the past three decades.

The book is broken down into 14 chapters that the author uses to drive his point home on to touch the hearts and souls of his readers.

These are: The power of deliverance; The path of demons; The war has escalated and The power of the Word.

The other chapters are on: Prayer as a weapon; The study of deliverance; beware of the strongholds; The mind as a battle field; and Forgiveness as a weapon.

Returning demons

The last chapters are on: The Power of sin; Authority of the believer; Serve God; and Victim of returning demons.

In the foreword by pastor Nellie Shani, author of Breaking Invincible Barriers: Power of the Cross, she says: “This book is very relevant in this season when more and more people are going for counseling concerning the defeated lives that they seem to be living, while not knowing what to do about it.”

Shani notes that on her above-mentioned book, she taught people how to identify and break generational curses. Since then, she has noticed a gap and is glad that Odhuno’s book, Maintaining Your Deliverance, is an answer to.

“Pastor David Odhuno has been teaching on how to maintain one’s deliverance for close to 10 years at our teaching forums and I am glad that he has finally put this very important teaching in a book,” says Shani.

Another author, Anthony T. Gitonga, who is also a Speaker and Life Coach, gives a nod to the book saying the author has demonstrated the power of God’s Word in supporting and sustaining freedom.

According to Gitonga: “When you realize that nothing but the truth sets you free, your appetite for God’s Word will become stronger, and your freedom will last a lifetime.

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How to maintain your deliverance

Maintaining you deliverance is an effort

Indeed, the book is very practical with many testimonies of failure and victories and reasons why each trend happened and leaves the reader fully equipped with what to do, what to avoid and areas to be watchful in the journey of “maintaining your deliverance.”

The author, according to Hudson Mukunza, goes to great lengths to show the accomplished work on behalf of the believer by Christ and how then the believer is fully equipped to overcome the seemingly cyclic and powerful work of demons to imprison a believer.

In his own words, Odhuno candidly shares his thoughts, experience, successes and challenges focusing on the past decade that he ahs been in the ministry of deliverance as a pastor in the Well Church, in Nairobi.

“Most times when I have completed a deliverance session, I will ask the man or woman I have prayed for how he or she is feeling, and they will invariably say: “I feel light,” says Odhuno, “That seems the after effects of deliverance put in words.”Pastor David Odhuno, Deliverance- Six Steps to a Victorious Christian Living

And as they leave Odhuno’s office at Breaking Barriers International (BBI)where he is a pastor and director of training and discipleship, he: “always imagine them floating away on ‘cloud nine!”

On authority of the believer, the author quotes Luke 10:19 which says: “Behold I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

In the conclusion, Odhuno reminds his readers that deliverance is a process and that the ore more you know the more you grow. But of you do not grow, and then it will be a matter of time before Satan catches up with you.

Says the author: “You must work at your spiritual walk. God said that He will train you for this battle so that you become adept at it. (Psalms 144:1). However, you must make an effort.”

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    Michael Hamza
    March 5, 2024

    Hi Pastor David, I leave in the USA. Where can I find your book to buy? Maintaining your deliverance.

    Thank you
    Michael Hamza

      Michael Hamza
      March 5, 2024

      Hi Pastor David, I leave in the USA. Where can I find your book to buy? Maintaining your deliverance.

      Thank you
      Michael Hamza

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